Celebrate Back To School At A Strip Club

At long last, the kids are heading back to school. This is great news for parents, because those days are free up again for fun — and in some cases, the nights as well. Going back to school means more time to focus on yourself, and checking out the fun at Sapphire should be on everyone’s agenda.

Need some more advice for spending time together during the school year? Sapphire Pool and Dayclub is still open every weekend, for adult students to party as the summer winds down.

Grab those “school supplies”

Pencils and backpacks are prime school supplies for the kiddos, but we’re about popping bottles as the essentials for a night out. Other supplies include mixers, snacks, hot outfits and Dance Dollars, which can be purchased at the cage inside the club.

Attend a “parent teacher conference”

We get it. Sneaking way with your friends basically counts as an official meeting. Bonus points if any of your friends are actually teachers.

Make an “after school snack”

Do we hear “happy hour” somewhere? The best snacks are served alongside a nice drink in the afternoon, and it doesn’t have to be a PB&J with apple slices. Enjoy premium champagne, liquors, beer and wine in one of Sapphire’s eight onsite bars, with delicious bar bites from our kitchen.

Do your “homework”

man reading menu at a bar

We’re adults. Our homework is watching TV. Let the kids hang out in their rooms doing schoolwork while you come into Sapphire to watch some of our sports events and other entertaining performers. Studying the dancers is also considered field research.

Play with your friends

Everyone has friends, and doing different activities with them makes the world go round. Bringing your friends to a strip club falls in that category.

Keep up with your “chores”

Clean your room. Fold your clothes. Go to the grocery store. There are two ways to go about accomplishing these tasks:

  1. Go out before, to enjoy yourself before you focus on real life. Plus, it keeps things interesting to do chores with a buzz.
  2. Go out after, as a reward for completing every subject on your to-do list.

Pro tip: Add “going out” to your chores list. After all, nothing is more gratifying than checking off an important part of your day.

Celebrate Back To School at Sapphire

a teacher drinking in front of a laptop for back to school

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. Whether your kids are heading into kindergarten or off to college, any parent of any age can — and should — take time for themselves. Enjoy a cocktail at a Sapphire bar, right on the main floor or hidden up above in one of our VIP boxes or Sky Suites.

At Sapphire you can “go to your room” and rent out the Scotch Room for a private party to get down on a school night. On Fridays, schools let out after 2 PM — which is when the club opens for action. Stop by SPDC for a wet and wild pregame!

Talk to one of our knowledgable staff by calling or texting 702.869.0003 to reserve packages. Booking online is another option, for faster service and exclusive pricing only available on our websites.

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