Bottle Service: Everything You Need to Know

It’s the number one thing rappers sing about, it’s the most sought-after purchase in any club situation and it’s the not-so-secret sauce to a wild, unforgettable night. It’s bottle service — and there are a few key things to know before mixing a few drinks at the club.

How does bottle service work?

bottle service at a club

Buying a package at a club usually means meeting a minimum spend. That means you and your party have to order enough drinks and food to meet the cost of the package. With bottle service choices, that’s usually very easy to do. Tax and fees are added upon checkout, and don’t count towards the total.

Bottle Girl Vs. Cocktail Server

A bottle girl, or bottle server, brings the goods to your table and makes a show out of it. They’re often out on the floor, rather than at the bar.

Cocktail servers are responsible for running the specialty menu drinks available. They act as traditional servers and can grab drinks from the bar.

Do Bottle Servers Offer Comps?

The short answer is sometimes. Receiving a complimentary bottle during table service is a more common occurrence for high rollers — but there are several ways to get discounts.

At Sapphire, we’re all about starting the night off with the fun stuff. Show your club stamp or resort key card for a free drink or $100 off a bottle. During PPV fight nights, a free shot is usually up for grabs with certain entry requirements, like booking a package or wearing special gear. You get the idea. Follow us on Instagram to check for more deals, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest offerings.

Bottle Service Choices

Bottle service is a culture aspect in Las Vegas. It’s the move at nightclubs and strip clubs — plus, ordering a bottle of anything can be cheaper than stacking cocktails. If you’re stuck on what to order, our handy-dandy guide will help you make the right call for your party.


vodka being poured in shot glasses

Vodka is the entry-level choice for bottle service. It pairs well with literally every mixer, it goes down smooth and it’s usually the cheapest option. Ordering vodka means that you’re sprinting a marathon — and we’re here for it.


As Shania Twain once said, “Let’s go, girls.” Gin is the light, flowery choice that’s ordered by people that want to party AND enjoy their drinks.


Your mixers are basic, but that’s what makes ordering rum so great. Rum is the perfect “faking a tropical vacation” spirit to order.


There are two types of tequila drinkers: sippers and slammers. Sippers know what makes a good tequila, and they savor each sharp, sweet sip slowly. Slammers do just that — they slam tequila like it’s water in the Vegas desert.

Consider ordering brands like Don Julio, Casamigos or Patron for universally-liked spirits.


We’ll say it — cognac is having its moment. Many luxury spirits are in line with cognac, like Remy Martin VSOP. Cognac drinkers know what they like, and they don’t care what anyone thinks.


As the ultimate liquor, scotch is enjoyed by rugged men, women and people that enjoy sipping liquid smoke. Scotch bottle people are going to spend blissful hours at a club or lounge, enjoying their time and money.


Whiskey pairs with cigars, gorgeous women and a fun night out. Order whiskey with the intention of getting another bottle.


Looking for a casual night out? Order a bottle of bourbon to get the evening started. It makes hopping aboard a booze cruise that much more fun.


Two glasses of champagne

Champagne is for celebrations of all types. Bachelor parties, birthday bashes and Tuesday nights are all equally valid for popping bottles at a strip club.

Sapphire is known for popping some ultra-premium bottles of champagne. Several sizes are available, from 750 ml to magnum bottle and even three-liter giants. We also know how to throw a deal or two in the mix; check back for deals on alcohol around events in the news.


It’s easy to meet a minimum spend when wine is involved — plus, the price of wine bottles is better than getting several glasses. Guarantee a good night and order bottles of wine for the bougee drinkers.

Bucket of Beer

Bottle service still counts with several bottles of the same delicious beverages. Get bucket full of ice and domestic and imported drafts for the fights and festivities.

Get Bottle Service At Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

Join the bottle club at Sapphire Las Vegas. We keep hundreds of beautiful bottle girls and cocktail servers ready at every bar in the club, waiting to prepare drink after drink to keep the night rolling. Our three locations in New York offer the same perks for premium bottle services.

Booking online is the best way to save time and money, and to snag those reservations. Plus, you can look at bottle options and preselect your options beforehand. Otherwise, call/text 702.869.0003 to get more information. Don’t forget to ask about FREE transportation in a limo or Tesla X see you at Sapphire!

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