Plan the Best Strip Club Outfits for a Visit

EDC is fast approaching. So much time and effort goes into planning insane, unforgettable strip club outfits for everyone’s favorite PLUR party that the going-out fits might seem like a last-minute effort. So if you’re wondering what to wear to a strip club, we’ll help you score a good fit for a visit after EDC — and these rules apply all the time as well.

Guy Outfits for a Strip Club

Male club outfit

Okay fellas, now is the time to pull out the dress shoes. Ideal guy’s outfits for a strip club include:

Wear your best dress pants and a button-up shirt for your visit to our strip club;

Dark, fashionable jeans and a polo shirt;

A suit, tie and dress shoes;

Slacks with cool loafers and a smart-looking top.

What NOT To Wear

Sports jerseys are not acceptable. Don’t even try it.

Sweatpants have a double meaning these days — plus, they usually tend to look sloppy. To avoid any controversy, wear pants that aren’t as suggestive.

Flip-flops or sandals leaves the toes exposed, which could lead to a rogue heel stomping on them. Ouch.

T-shirts and shorts are for the pools in Las Vegas, not for a swanky nighttime joint. Class it up.

Girl Outfits for a Strip Club

classy strip club outfits on women visitors

For the ladies, don’t worry about showing as much skin as possible. There are other ways to make an entrance. Consider rocking the following:

A sexy dress with heels;

Cool pants and a bodysuit;

A short skirt and trendy top;

A tight jumpsuit that’s sheer in all the right places;

Apple-bottom jeans and the boots with the fur.

What NOT To Wear

As a general rule, outfits that are too revealing won’t bode too well. Nobody wants a wardrobe malfunction, ya know?

Loose, worn clothing is not encouraged at clubs. Much like pool party outfits, classing up the joint will only work in your favor.

Be sure to stray away from overly ripped jeans — a few rips here and there are fine.

Athletic wear is a no-no. Leave the Fabletics and Lululemon at home.

More General Rules

These are for ladies and gents alike. Want more tips for dayclub parties? Check out pool party outfits to transition from day to night wear in a snap.

Iron your clothes. Nobody at the strip club wants you to look like a wrinkly mess.

Don’t overdo the perfume and cologne. Smell-goods are a necessity, but there’s a fine line between sending pheromones to the moon and smelling like a JCPenney.

Don’t wear pajama bottoms. Pajamas are for sleeping, not for partying at a strip club.

Wear what makes you feel good. Remember, it’s not about getting dressed up to get messed up. Rocking an outfit that makes you feel confident, sexy and amazing is the key to having an unforgettable experience at a gentlemen’s club.

Dress Up For Sapphire

Sapphire girl wearing a dress and string of pearls

A gentlemen’s club is the perfect place to show off those sick threads. As the largest club in Las Vegas, Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club maintains the cool, classy aesthetic that patrons love. Our servers and entertainers dress to the nines seven nights a week starting at 8 PM, and the outfits only get spicier as the night goes on.

Want to see for yourself? Book a bottle package below to plan a guy’s night, friend outing or even a ladies trip at one of the biggest and best clubs in Vegas.

About Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club Las Vegas

We’re the biggest and best in the business. Award-winning gentlemen’s club Sapphire Las Vegas holds the title of “The World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club” and is a member of the Top 10 Pools list by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Our 70,000 square-foot venue is complete with four bars, luxury liquors and premium cigars. Hundreds of nightly entertainers come through the doors to create unforgettable nights of dancing, drinking and debauchery. Our packages range from a VIP entry ticket to a seat in one of our VIP Skyboxes, each themed after a different delicious, high-end alcohol. Our Scotch room is another secret treat, complete with karaoke and a private stage for entertainment options to delight into the night. Between bachelor parties, divorce parties, fight night viewings and daily offerings, Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club is the best club in Vegas.

Reach out by calling or texting (702) 869-0003 to plan a party, book a package and score a free ride to the club in a limo or Tesla X.

Show off the fun you’re having at our gorgeous venue. Tag us on Instagram and Twitter so we can repost the irreplaceable footage you’re bound to capture! We’ll see you at Sapphire!

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