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Las Vegas February Conventions Schedule 2024

January is over and wow, was it amazing and hectic. Between CES and AVN, the whole month was bookended with goodness. Now that we're getting into the heart of February, it's time to review the Las Vegas February conventions that are stopping in for some good old-fashioned networking fun. February Conventions in Las Vegas 2024 […]

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2024 Means More Sports at Sapphire Las Vegas

It's no secret that we're the best sports party throwers in Sin City on the gentlemen's club side of things. Come watch sports at Sapphire for any — or all — of the vents below. Sports at Sapphire 2024 Buckle up for several months of competitive, heart-stopping action on TV and in Vegas itself. Big […]

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Adult Expo 2024 Features at Sapphire

All of our AVN features are perfect. All of them. It doesn't seem possible, but we only bring in the finest female talents and we know we picked winners. They're all 10/10 and we can't wait to show them off during Adult Expo week! Click any of the names below for package info! January 24 […]

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Las Vegas Conventions at Sapphire

Thank God for Vegas conventions. We love when the city comes alive during the winter, and there are literally dozens of special occasions. Which one(s) are you attending? Consumer Electronic Show (CES) — Every tech lover's dream come true, the tech expo marks the beginning of a successful season at Sapphire. Tens of thousands of […]

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Sapphire Wins Best of Las Vegas 2023

We're excited to announce that Sapphire has won SEVERAL Best of Las Vegas awards for the sixth year in a row. We've received FIRST PLACE for Best Bachelor Party and Best Gentlemen's Club, and we couldn't be more proud. Party at The Best of Las Vegas Winner's Club Come see what all the championship energy […]

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Sexy Halloween Costumes for Going Out in Las Vegas

One of the best times to come to Las Vegas is during Halloween. The Las Vegas Strip throws events and parties, and a ton of clubs across the city host "Sexiest Halloween Costume" costume contests for cold, hard cash. We know Vegas halloween events like the backs of our well-manicured hands. Sexy Costume Ideas Dressing […]

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Come Watch F1 At Sapphire

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that F1 is coming to Vegas for the first time ever from November 16 - 18. There's a lot to know about this iconic event, from the track to the celebrations and packages around this historical event weekend. F1: Everything You Need To Know The F1 […]

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Your Guide To Football Season at Sapphire

Vote for us for Best of Las Vegas and get one FREE shot! If there's one thing you need to know about us, it's that we know how to do Monday nights better than anyone during football season 🏈 Here's what you have to look forward to: Lisa Ann and Monday Night Minute You love […]

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These Are The Best Coffee Cocktails For Fall

Coffee cocktails are trending so hard right now. While espresso martinis are all the rage, there's a world of caffeinated creations just waiting to be explored. Whether you want to grab a cocktail shaker at home or hit the bars, check out our top choices. Coffee Cocktails to Kick Off or Cap Off Your Evening […]

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Celebrate Back To School At A Strip Club

At long last, the kids are heading back to school. This is great news for parents, because those days are free up again for fun — and in some cases, the nights as well. Going back to school means more time to focus on yourself, and checking out the fun at Sapphire should be on […]

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