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March Mayhem College Hoops 

The Double Team

$699 per group

For up to 10 guests

As if March Madness in Vegas wasn’t good enough already, now there’s this: killer group deals for watching all the games at the world-famous Sapphire Gentlemen's Club. Take the Double Team, for example. For a $699 group rate, you get complimentary transportation and front-of-the-line group admission for ten. But that’s just the beginning.

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Game Day Open Bar

$55 per guest

For up to 1 guests

It’s gotta be two of the sweetest words in the English language: OPEN BAR. That’s right, with our March Madness Game Day package you’ll get two hours of open bar action for one guest, along with complimentary transportation, front-of-the-line admission, and table seating. You’ll also have access to our college daytime specials.

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The Tip Off

$225 per group

For up to 6 guests

Watching March Madness at random casinos might be okay, but what happens when your bet on Montana State +29 vs. Duke turns ugly in the second half? That’s when the good vibes start to fade and you’ve got nowhere else to turn. Now imagine watching the games at Sapphire surrounded by all those gorgeous women.

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The All-Star

$425 per group

For up to 6 guests

Why do they call it March Madness? Because it’s INSANE, that’s why. The sheer amount of action, games going off every twelve minutes, point spreads, buzzer beaters, cinderella stories, and all sorts of drama. How could it possibly get any wilder than that?

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The 3-Peat

$550 per group

For up to 12 guests

Got a group of twelve people? Sapphire has you covered. With our Threepeat package, $550 gets your entire group free transportation to the club, front-of-the-line admission, and table seating once you’re inside.

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The Power Forward

$100 per guest

For up to 1 guests

Copy Needed

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The Open Court - Buddy Duo

$275 per guest

For up to 2 guests

March Madness and Sapphire. Talk about a match made in basketball heaven. And what if we added an OPEN BAR to the mix? It almost feels too good to be true. Lucky for you, it’s very much a reality. With our Open Court - Buddy Duo package, $275 gets you two hours worth of OPEN BAR time for two people.

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The Slam Dunk

$500 per guest

For up to 5 guests

Do you know what takes the sting out of having your March Madness bracket go up in flames on Day One? Watching the games at Sapphire, of course. Did your championship pick lose to a 15-seed? Ah, screw it. Grab another drink with friends or maybe go for a lap dance with one of our gorgeous entertainers.

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The Triple Threat

$1095 per guest

For up to 15 guests

Copy Needed

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