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Sapphire on the Rocks

$500 per group 

Up to 5  guests 
  • 1 bottle of Jack Daniels or Crown Royal
  • Complimentary transportation to Sapphire
  • Front-of-line admission for 5 guests
  • No cover charge
  • Reserved table seating at Sapphire LV
  • Tax & service fee included upon checkout

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Complimentary Transportation, Front of the Line Admission, & 1 bottle of Jack Daniels or Crown Royal

The finer things in life take on a whole new meaning when Sapphire LV involves whiskey. Whiskeys can be unveiled in beautiful decanters or a simple glass & the enjoyment is all the same based on preference; a smooth warm eruption of some of the finest liquor the world has to offer. It can be found close to home right here in the USA, Scotland brings us the finest scotches or even our close neighbors in Canada. While taking part in one of our strip club scotch packages, there is no shortage of appreciation for this increasingly popular beverage in our Las Vegas whiskey bar.

While many whiskey drinkers are firm believers that it should only be consumed straight, the reality is that everyone is different and it should be indulged in as preferred by the consumer. The staff knows this best and while they can suggest a whiskey fitting to your needs, there is no one right answer. The cask strength whiskies can often benefit from a splash of water or ice cube because this will help release certain flavors and aromas that might otherwise have been hidden or overlooked. One wants to detect the subtle nuances that distinguish one spirit from the other; that is half of the fun!

Tennessee Whiskies such as Jack Daniels have already been cut down in the distillery. We can suggest that a person drinks it neat but again an ice cube may tighten the flavor making it more enjoyable for unique palates. Try Sapphire on the Rocks featuring Jack Daniels or Crown Royal while deciphering the final details of your whiskey craving.

What we truly know is that when someone drinks a malt beverage that is perfectly distilled to their liking, the hints of honey or caramel can be more enticing than even some of the most beautiful girls in Las Vegas. Combine this flavor with that of an Arturo Fuente Opus X Cigar or for those with deeper pockets, a 24K Black Tie Limited Edition, and the experience becomes incomparable. That is the joy that whiskey brings to its true enthusiasts and we plan to cater to that with various options of the finest whiskies for Sapphire guests.

*Special online pricing is only valid for pre-payment prior to arrival. Upon arrival, pricing is subject to change.


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