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A Christmas in July Celebration Might Just Be the Boost Your Summer Needs

by Sapphire LV | Jul 18, 2023

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this idea — yes, it does exist. Christmas in July is the midyear break between the holidays and summer vacation. Since the weather is a cool 100-plus degree in Vegas from here on out, this is the perfect reason to celebrate Christmas and break up the summer monotony. Get in the Christmas spirit with these fun facts and ideas to throw your own July event.

Why Did Christmas in July Start?

Santa running into the water on Christmas in July

The first Christmas in July in the USA started at Keystone Camp in North Carolina, with one of the founders creating a holiday event to commemorate the end of summer. Ninety years later, the tradition continues in the USA with fun traditions and a widespread fire-catch of trendy party practices.

How is Christmas in July celebrated?

Expect all of the same chilly-weather perks as the traditional holiday, but with summer twists. Decorations and gifts can be part of the fun, and nobody ever looks bad in a bathing suit with a Santa hat.

Christmas in July Around The World

We know that Christmas in July is mostly a southern living holiday. This begs the question — how is Christmas in July celebrated in the United States? How is Christmas in July celebrated in Australia?

In Australia, this is an unofficial time to celebrate the holiday. Since it's so hot in the winter, July is prime time for cooler temperatures and enjoying the Northern hemisphere weather perks like hot chocolate by the fire.

Other countries like South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and other southern hemisphere countries adopt this practice year after year.

More Christmas Things To Do on Half Christmas

Want some ideas for how to get down to Tinseltown in the United States? Send out Christmas in July party invites and let's start.

Popular Christmas in July gifts

Send your guests home with some keepsake ornaments like tropical Santa Claus trinkets, cool snacks like red and white popsicles made with vanilla ice cream and strawberries, stocking with little treats or the best Christmas gift of all — Christmas cookies.

Celebrating Christmas In July — Party Ideas

Since it's a North American Christmas in July celebration, we already know that pool parties and drinking games are part of the mix. Get ready to break into the holiday spirit with some Christmas in July ideas — putting up some Christmas decorations by spreading fake snow is only the beginning.

Secret Santa gift exchange

Keep this one traditional or make it warm-weather focused. Give scarves and mittens in a move of sick humor, or keep it light and fun with pool essentials like sunglasses and cute hats.

Get a tropical Santa Claus

Need a good centerpiece idea? Throw Old Saint Nick in some board shorts and shades, or order a special island Santa online.

Make some "hot" hot chocolate

Iced chocolate drinks are a treat that take very little effort for maximum taste. That Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix can be stirred into cold milk with sugar for an icy treat to beat the heat.

Have a Christmas movies night

It doesn't have to be December to enjoy Hallmark movies. Queue up "Elf" and "Miracle on 34th Street" and settle right into the nostalgia.

The Best Place in the World to Celebrate Christmas in July

woman in Santa hat with palm trees

There's one reason we love Christmas — and it all has to do with you. Have all of your July celebrations at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club and its 20-plus years of fun. Our pool has its doors shut on this fine Tuesday, but the club is wide open at 6 PM to deliver the best gifts that Vegas gives. What's that gift? Our gorgeous entertainers waiting on you hand and foot.

Ready to get into the true spirit of Christmas? Book online for the easiest, cheapest experience. Shopping our bottle packages is like an online Christmas tree's worth of fun. Call or text 702.869.0003 for more information — or to get on the naughty list 😉

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