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Best Songs Ever: Great Strip Club Playlist Songs 2023

by Sapphire LV | Jun 20, 2023

Strip clubs have a certain criteria for music.The selections need to keep the energy up all night long, so DJs and artists need to deliver hit after hit. Everyone has a favorite strip club song across all genres. Here are some of our favorites, in a playlist that's soon to be widely considered the Best List Of Strip Club Music Ever.

Best Strip Club Songs

DJ playing strip club playlist

I gathered the most attractive people in Las Vegas — AKA the Sapphire Las Vegas corporate team — to search a fire list of songs that include every band and singer you might expect in a lineup.

If we missed any bangers, send us recommendations for stripper songs on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Ginuwine — Pony

This song is for more than just "Magic Mike." Pony's remixes and serious dance potential make it a strip club song essential.

Kelis — Milkshake

Everybody with ears has heard Milkshake. When it comes on in the club, be prepared for Shimmy City.

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

As the perfect mix of romance and sexy, Closer is the song to play to slow down the tempo of the night and turn up the allure.

Hot In Herre by Nelly

Everyone loves this song. Everyone. The male rap solo performance of the century shines through with this song.

Play by David Banner

This raunchy pick isn't for the faint of heart. Clubs with guts play this song.

Have Mercy - Chloë

Focus on the fun with this one. Whether you're taking the moves from the music video or making your own, it's worthy of Tiktok regardless.

Juicy J — Bandz A Make Her Dance

At Sapphire, all of the team chose this song when comparing their favorite stripper songs. You probably will, too.

50 Cent — Candy Shop

A catchy song throughout the decades, Candy Shop will enhance any list of songs at the strip clubs.

The Weeknd — Wicked Games

Can you believe the Wicked Games music video turned 10 years old this year? The Weeknd is a staple on Spotify playlists and everywhere music is played.

Pour Some Sugar On Me — Def Leppard

This song is everything from a party starter to a catchy feature in a stacked playlist. Bump it any time during the night.

Panama — Van Halen

Wanna love a rock song more than you ever have in real life? Listen to "Panama" in a strip club. It's a game changer.

Pour It Up — Rihanna

Falling under the category of "modern classic," the lyrics are bespoke to a gentlemen's club.

Gangsters & Strippers — Too Short

A hard-hitting tune, perfect for aggressive dances on and off the pole.

Porn Star Dancing — My Darkest Days feat. Ludacris & Zakk Wylde

This music video is so Vegas it hurts. Beautiful girls, rock tunes and video shots of the Strip make this a timeless anthem.

I Luv Dem Strippers — 2 Chainz

Who doesn't love dem strippers, honestly? This 2 Chainz beat should be on every playlist.

Bring It Back — Travis Porter

A twerk anthem in its own rite, "Bring It Back" will get the girls up and dancing in no time flat.

NERD — Lapdance

A track that truly tugs on the heartstrings of a club. Lapdance is exactly what it sounds like — an anthem to any strip club's most sought-after service.

Missy Elliott — Throw It Back

Missy Elliott is still out here making new, amazing beats in 2023. Bump Throw It Back as a hot new track that perfect for girls and their nights out.

Final Thoughts on Strip Club Songs

women dancing to a strip club playlist

It takes more than researching songs for a strip club playlist that all the boys and girls will go nuts over. Check out a Spotify or Youtube mix, all more options to get the party going.

Listen To Sapphire Gentlemen's Club's Strip Club Playlist

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