Sapphire Gentlemen's Club
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Scotch & Whiskey Packages

Sapphire on the Rocks

$500 per group

For up to 5 guests

Leave those sugary, fruity cocktails to those without refined palettes! No gentlemen’s club experience is complete without a bottle of a true gentleman’s drink. Enjoy America’s favorite whiskey with a bottle of Jack Daniels, or take it international with a bottle of Crown Royal from our friends up north. Our “On the Rocks” package also includes complimentary transport, free cover and a table waiting for you at Sapphire. Whether you sip your whiskey slowly or want to take the party up a notch, shots can always get the job done. The choice is yours but the outcome will be the same –- gazing at our gorgeous ladies will ensure that you’re entertained between every sip.

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Some Like it Neat

$995 per group

For up to 5 guests

Scotch has a flavor profile that should be sipped and enjoyed slowly. Lucky for you, gazing at our gorgeous gems will ensure that you are entertained between sips! Leave the sugary, fruity drinks to those without refined palates and live the true gentlemen’s club experience with scotch in hand!

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