9 Things We Already Love About Summer 2023

Summer 2023 is here. Enjoy the perks of Sapphire Pool & Dayclub while supplies last — AKA the summer months.

We could go on a tangent about how winter’s over and spring has sprung and blah blah blah — but we could also cut the BS.

At Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, summer is our favorite time of the year, hands down. Whether it’s Vegas-related or a general truth, these are the reasons for the season.

1. Dayclubs Are Open Again

three girls facing away from the camera sitting on a chaise in summer 2023

When the temperature rises in Vegas, it rises with NO MERCY. That’s where the day clubs come in to save the day.

The most popular pool parties in Las Vegas are famous for hiring the hottest women as servers, popular local DJs and internationally-renowned musical talent to pump up the vibes into the danger zone.

Sapphire Pool is one such classy affair, complete with VIP cabanas and private pool seating.

2. Refreshing Summer Cocktails Are In Season

pink slushie drinks at Sapphire pool

It’s not exactly normal to chug margaritas at a ski lodge. However, it’s perfect for a hot afternoon in the sunshine. Summer is the best time to day drink with all of the fruity, tropical delights that are too cold to enjoy in the winter.

3. Vacation Season Is Upon Us

No matter the occupation, summer brings time away to everyone’s minds. Family vacations, bachelorette parties before fall weddings, honeymoons — everything is fair game.

Plus, the summer holidays are just better. Cinco de Mayo kicks off the season, followed by the Summer Solstice, Fourth of July and a million little ones in between. Can we get some love for National S’mores Day on August 10th?

4. Social Activities Are Back On

When the days are longer and the vitamin D is revitalizing our cold, pale bodies, people want to run around and be social. Gone are the days of canceling nighttime plans because it’s freezing. Las Vegas has amazing events that bring the locals and tourists out to play.

5. Outdoor Activities in Beautiful Weather

Girlfriends together on a giant pool swan raft

Dust off the bike seats and break out the tents. Going outside is pure medicine, no matter if the terrain is rocky and rural or a poppin’ poolside party.

6. The Music Scene Heats Up

Summer music festivals, concerts and other live entertainment in the great outdoors is a huge draw during the summer months. We’re pumped for Sick New World, EDC, Life Is Beautiful and whatever other creative collection of artists the city comes up with next.

7. Less Clothing Required

three girls in bathing suits tanning in the sun

Break out the sundresses and short-shorts. Summer is when the coolest, breeziest attire comes out of the drawers and off of the hangers.

Did you know that Sapphire Pool has a merch counter? It’s true! Only the finest in cutout swimwear is sold at Sapphire, including branded hats, bikinis and sunglasses. In other words, don’t stress about bringing your favorite suit to the pool — we sell your next favorite fit 😉

8. Two Words: Pool. Parties.

Three more words: Wet. And. Wild.

Enough said.

9. Summer 2023 = Sapphire Pool & Dayclub

Want to bring the best of all of those summer activities to your vacation schedule? Sapphire Pool & Dayclub is the premier Las Vegas party spot for sexy people. We only keep the best booze, most beautiful entertainers and in-demand talent on deck — literally.

Spend summer 2023 with us by booking a cabana or daybed ASAP. Check out the upcoming events to plan your dayclub trip around your favorite IG model host.

About Sapphire Pool & Dayclub

As the only topless pool at a gentlemen’s club in the world, we do it different at Sapphire Pool & Dayclub. An array of premium seating is available for guests, including lounge chairs located directly poolside; shaded main deck cabanas and elevated VIP cabanas; comfy daybeds for all group sizes; private pool access for couples and friends. Our poolside bar and food counter are always ready to serve amazing snacks and refreshments for a hard day of relaxation ahead. Don’t forget to stop by the merch stand to take home some signature Sapphire pool swag. Packages include food and drink credits, bottle service and other extras like private safes and lockers, towels, VIP services and misters for staying cool all summer long.

Show off the fun you’re having at our gorgeous venue by tagging us on Instagram and Twitter so we can repost the irreplaceable footage you’re bound to capture! We’ll see you at Sapphire!

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