Top Ten Vegas Do’s & Don’ts

Spending a weekend in Vegas is the ultimate way to celebrate a bachelor/ette party, birthday, divorce, wedding, Valentine’s day, President’s day, death in the family……okay maybe now we’re just looking for excuses. Regardless of what your personal excuse is for spending a weekend making bad decisions, we’ve compiled a list of top ten Vegas do’s and don’ts to help you out. We’re locals and that makes us experts on everything there is to know about Vegas (or at least we think it does)!
Sapphire Las Vegas Skyline
1. DO Stay on the Strip
We’re amazed by how many tourists stay off the Strip just to save a little extra cash. HUGE mistake! Yeah the Motel 6 across the freeway may be a little cheaper, but it doesn’t give you the true Vegas experience- drinking and gambling without ever having to leave your hotel/casino. To be honest, the convenience factor alone makes a room on the Strip worth it. And nothing ruins a potential hookup faster than saying “Sure we can go back to my room, we just need to take a cab to the Motel 6.” Which brings up another point: keep in mind that what you end up saving on the room, you’ll make up for in cab fare.
2. DO Use a VIP concierge service to help you plan
Especially if you’re a guy! Most guys are shocked to learn that they have to wait in ridiculous lines and pay an outrageous cover just to get into a nightclub in Vegas (girls do too, but to a much lesser degree). We recommend checking out a VIP hosting service like to help your Vegas trip come together seamlessly. They know how to work the system for you and handle all the details, so you can focus on having the time of your life!
3. DON ‘T Spend your ENTIRE trip at the tables (or worse, the slots!)
Obviously, people come to Vegas to gamble (and we appreciate it because that means Nevadans don’t have to pay state income tax), but there are so many other fun ways to blow through thousands of dollars! Vegas has the best of everything: restaurants, clubs, shopping, strip clubs, extreme sports, etc etc. So instead of hemorrhaging money playing $20 a hand blackjack, get a table at a nightclub, check out a strip club, or splurge on dinner at an amazing restaurant- maybe then you’ll feel a little bit better about spending your life savings here!
4. DO Check out a show
Vegas has some of the best shows in the world, and they are definitely worth checking out! There are 6 Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, each with their own theme (think crazy acrobatics plus really trippy set design): Zumanity, O, Love, Mystere, Ka, and Viva Elvis. Trust us, they are AMAZING and definitely worth the money. There’s also La Reve at the Wynn (which is similar to Cirque), and Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace (basically a cross between Cirque and the Rocky Horror Picture Show). Of course, Vegas is home to topless revues like Peepshow at Planet Hollywood, male revues like Men of Sapphire, and an endless number of comedy and magic shows. There’s a little something for everyone!
5. DON’T Call for the girls on the “hot chick trading cards” they pass out on the Strip
Everyone who has ever been to Vegas knows that as soon as you start walking down the Strip, you’re bombarded by guys in bright yellow shirts throwing cards with pictures of naked girls at you. The girls on the cards are HOT- and they’ll be at your room within 20 minutes for only $30 dollars?! If something in Vegas sounds too good to be true, it probably is. First, the girls on the “hot chick trading cards” (as we like to call them) are former Playboy Playmates or Stock Photography with fake names, and second these are NOT the girls that will be coming to your room (if they show up at all)!
6.  DO Pack the right clothes
For girls, this means your tightest dresses and highest heels for night, and your tiniest bikini and cutest platforms for the day. For guys, you’ll definitely need dark jeans, collared/button up shirts, and a few more casual outfits plus flip flops for the day (please bring flip flops- there’s nothing worse than a guy wearing tennis shoes at the pool). For girls, we also recommend bringing a pair of fold up flats that will fit in your purse- this will be a lifesaver at the end of the night! There’s a lot more walking in Vegas than you might think, and we guarantee that by the end of the night your feet will be killing you. Whatever you do, don’t go barefoot! It’s absolutely disgusting and the tell-tale sign of a drunken tourist.
7. DON’T Be the one person in the group that’s too wasted to party
This is something we see all the time: a group of really good looking girls, with one straggler that has vomit on her dress and is carrying her heels under her arm. HUGE turn off. The same thing goes for groups of guys- there’s always one belligerent guy that ruins the other guys’ chances of hooking up. Don’t be this person!! Yes Vegas is awesome, yes it’s a non-stop party, but YES you do need to keep yourself together just a little bit! The only way to ensure that Vegas is a 24 hour party is to drink like a pro and pace yourself- no one wants to hang out with the guy who just yakked in the bushes.
8.  DON’T Forget to tip
This includes the cocktail waitresses bringing you free drinks while you’re gambling, the dealer (if you’re winning), the concierge that helps you make dinner reservations, the slot machine/keno runners, taxi drivers, etc. Vegas is just like any other city in that the workers on the Strip are paid minimum wage, and rely on tips for the majority of their income. Help us out a little bit!
9. DO Take advantage of freebies
Most people don’t realize that it is possible to score freebies in Vegas- you just have to know the right people. A VIP hosting service like can help you out with this, or if you have a particular activity in mind you can call ahead to see if they will give your group a deal (this works particularly well for groups with 6+ girls). Some strip clubs (like Sapphire) even offer free VIP transportation to the club and no cover if you book in advance. This means less money wasted on a cab, and more money well spent on lap dances!
10. DO Party your ass off!
It is Vegas, after all. 😉

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