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Top Ten Reasons to Watch Football at Sapphire LV

by | Oct 18, 2013
  1. Never a Sausage-Fest

    Never a Sausage-Fest

    More often than not Monday Night Football is about watching the game with no distractions. It's guys night. But what if it didn't have to be a sausage fest and the girls only came to enjoy your company at commercials or half-time? Sapphire is basically ideal. The girls will give you all the attention you want, when you want it.

  2. Great Eats

    Great Eats

    There is always a buffet served by Sapphire's own Chefs. Meaning, when the food runs out... oh wait, it doesn't, because they are always refilling fan favorites such as: wings, pizza, sliders, nachos, etc. The buffet is unlimited and is good quality food. You don't have to wait to order.

  3. Biggest Screens

    Biggest Screens

    100 inch HD screens. Yes every spot has a big screen but Sapphire Las Vegas has 3! If a crowd has formed around one screen, just seat yourself by a different TV for the same exceptional view of the action.

  4. Don't Stop Drinking

    Don't Stop Drinking

    Alcohol is constantly available. Drink specials, hot waitresses, and shots are encouraged!

  5. Venture Away from the Strip

    Venture Away from the Strip

    Sometimes the Strip is the last place you want to go to watch the game. We understand and that is why our location is perfect. It's close enough to The Strip that you don't have to venture far, but far enough away that you don't have to deal with the masses.

  6. All Football Fans Welcome

    All Football Fans Welcome

    Vegas has a variety of different fans within its realms. There are no professional sports teams here in the desert and because of that we welcome everyone. We don't pick a team and make the club about that team. We want fans to root for their favorites.

  7. The Party Just Started

    The Party Just Started

    Any Sports Bar is going to die down as the game comes to a close. This is unfortunate because you probably have a full buzz going. Luckily for you, Sapphire Las Vegas is open 24 hours and is only picking up speed when the game is done. It's the ultimate party spot and that won't change even after Football.

  8. Arrive in Luxury Transportation

    Arrive in Luxury Transportation

    FREE limo pick-up. Our limos will pick you and your friends up for free to bring you to the club. This is optimal if you have already started day drinking, as most people have when they know it's a day for football. Don't drive, we have you covered, arriving in style!

  9. It's Big for a Reason

    It's Big for a Reason

    So you are in town for your bachelor party and have 16 of your friends, relatives, friend's friends, joining you? Perfect because we have plenty of room. Our club is The World's Largest Gentlemen's Club, making it very accomodating to large parties of any kind at any time.

  10. Bottle Service... Baby!

    Bottle Service... Baby!

    When you have a group, it's a lot easier to have the bottle at the table to refill when you are ready. Sports bars don't allow this wonderful opportunity, but we encourage it!

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