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How To Hack Strip Club Transportation

strip club transportation

Driving around Las Vegas, seeing the lights of the Strip, taking in the sights, people watching — it’s all part of the experience. Luckily, it’s easy to have that same ease of transportation on your way to the club, with the added benefit of luxury amenities.

Know The Details

To accommodate your party, it’s wise to have the following information ready:

Party size

How many people are coming? We understand that people join and drop out by the minute, but do your best to get a head count prior to pickup. We’d hate to send one of our Teslas for a party of 35 people.

Pickup time

While the Las Vegas strip clubs aren’t currently open 24 hours, we can swing by to pick up your party at whatever designated time you tell us.

Our doors are open at 6 PM on Monday and Thursday and 2 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Closing time? Long after sunrise, meaning the doors are open for fun all night long.


Where you at? Las Vegas hotels all have designated pickup spots near valet, in the porte cochere or both. This service isn’t limited to the Strip either; mrides can be caught from anywhere in the nearby areas of the club.It’s also simple — and encouraged — to call for a ride if you’ve started drinking before the real fun even begins. Communicate with your driver on the best place for pickup.

Fun Perks of Strip Club Transportation

couple drinking in strip club transportation


Some party buses are so large that they can house a whole dance pole — sometimes even two. Now is the time to practice those moves in the company of your crew before coming into the club.


Parties start before the main event. Everybody knows that. Why would that pause in the ride over to the venue?


No pregame ride is complete without a bumpin’ playlist. Consult our strip club playlist to get idea to create your holy grail of Spotify sets.

Tip Your Driver

Vegas is a tipping town. Reserve a $20 for the driver and we guarantee they’ll take care of your every need. It’s the proper strip club etiquette, after all.

Additional Rules To Remember

girls in a red dresses drinking champagne

Keep these in mind to avoid any fines.

Run a clean show

Keeping the limo or party bus clean is a no-brainer. Dispose of trash in the proper containers on the vehicle, or wait until you arrive at your destination to throw things away.

Ask before bringing booze

Some rides will include a bottle of champagne or other form of alcohol. Most won’t — but it’s Vegas. A few adult beverages are usually part of any plan. However’ it’s important to ask for permission before forgiveness if you plan on bringing booze on the cruise.

Schedule Strip Club Transportation From Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

We know that arriving in style sets the tone for the night. We offer several types of rides for all party sizes. A limo is perfect for bachelor parties that want to cruise around in style, while a Tesla X is the sleek, sexy ride to take. Don’t forget the all-important party bus, a chariot of wonder and bad decisions.

Using Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club transportation is highly encouraged. Waived cover charges are more likely to accompany a ride to and from Sapphire, and there are several ways to achieve this setup. Booking a package online guarantees FREE transportation from us — that’s right, free — from any nearby on- and off-Strip location. Call or text us at .702.869.0003 for more information. Want save time, money and stress? Book packages online to make the process easier and score some deals. See you at Sapphire 💎


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